A Software Engineering Graduate with a bigger love for writing than computers. My aim is to materialize my creativity. There are abstract concepts that I strive to better understand society and social behaviour – what appeals to all types of people. I hope I can share my many layers with you. As you go along with me, I hope to share more than just my writing. I hope to have many new projects to create and share.

Every step is only the beginning when you’re closer to your dreams.

— Love, Kerine


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Who am I?

I am a Jamaican book blogger and bookstagrammer that aims to get more Jamaicans to love reading and to show authors and publishers that there is a market here for all types of books as there are plenty of readers willing and waiting. I am using my platform to show people that there’s a book out there for them to not only get lost in but also to find more of themselves on their way back out.

Preference in Genres


  • Mystery
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Fantasy (I love me some fantasy!)
  • Sci-Fi (sometimes..)

Least Favourites

  • Romance (I don’t like anything romantic to be honest.. movies, shows and most certainly not books!)
  • Action and Adventure (only when they try to make the action WAAAAYYY more important than the actual plot)

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