Here’s the Blog Format

I’ve decided on posting 5 days a week under 5 segments:

  • Ancient Writings [Sunday]

Posts of old pieces I’ve written over the years. They might be cringe-worthy but they are big part of the writer I am today and the writer I want to become tomorrow.

  • Weekly Quotes [Monday]

A quote I want to share for the week.

  • Public Souvenir [Wednesday]

I’ll share posts from fellow writers and blogs with some of the best advice for the writing community.

  • Improv. Literature [Thursday]

The best practice is any practice! What better way to do that than to create new pieces weekly from writing prompts?

  • Inspiration District [Saturday]

We all need inspiration, so here’s writers, illustrators, videos, articles and much more that influence my creativity and my pieces.

I hope this blog can become an avid part of the writing community and help me to become a better writer!

– Kerine


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