Trish-Antoni Baker

Anything can inspire you once you have an open-mind to allow everyday creativity to inspire yours. This week’s Inspiration District will focus on a person – a little closer to home – that has convinced me that a picture is really worth a thousand words. Or even more. Trish-Antoni Baker is a Graphic Artist/ Indie Game Designer/ Illustrator that I’ve been able to personally work with for small story projects like formatting my short story, Wonderfully Strange Girl and even being the main illustrator for the hard copy of my book Epiphany.

Although the hard copy isn’t for sale, here are some snippets:


Following her work – before becoming a client myself – her potential is something I look forward to. So, without further ado, here’s a small interview I had with Trish herself.

How about a short intro? (Name, work status, ideal job description).

Trish-Antoni Baker (TB): Well my name is Trish-Antoni Baker, everyone usually goes with Trish. I am full time final year student at Edna Manley College of the Visual And Performing Arts where I study Visual Communication and I freelance for several companies locally and internationally as well. My ideal Job Description would probably be just ‘Creative’  as what I do is mainly Graphic Design but I also do illustration, game development, product design etc. I’m a creative soul.

What first inspired you to consider Graphic Designing/ Gaming/ Illustrating?

TB: It’s always been my passion to do Game environment design since I was kid. I’ve always loved playing games, watching games and taking in the overall atmosphere and story. And fore it’s never just been about video games only, I enjoy gaming wholehearted especially card games and board games.

And was it your first choice as a career to pursue?

TB: Graphic design was not my first choice of career I thought about several art related careers growing up which are tied to all hobbies. For awhile I toyed with the idea of being a pastry chef but the heart wants what the hearts wants. And at my heart I am a gamer. Initially I came to Edna Manley to pursue Illustration and it was here I made the switch to Graphic Design which I find equally engaging and thought provoking.

How would you describe your drawing style?

TB: Confused aunt finds technology. Not sure how I would describe my style really. It’s changed over the years as I’ve grown

Besides commissioned pieces, where do you find inspiration for your drawings/drawing ideas?
Are there any fellow graphic artists that you’re a fan of?

TB: I love art styles from artist such as Kokab , Tarajosu , Taj Francis  and Paige Paige.

What about their art stands out to you?

TB: Well there glorification of black culture, black features and the way the combine these features with modern art styles inspiring.

How would you describe your growth while pursuing art in general?

TB: I would describe my growth as an artist as being exciting. It’s all been a very exciting journey and I’ve loved/hated bits of it but  was all very fun.

Finally, what piece of advice, from all you’ve been through so far, would you give to aspiring graphic artists?

TB: Keep at it. Practise constantly. Read design blogs. Learn that  Pinterest and behance are your friends. Learn from those around you. Learn how to draw. Learn the entire adobe suite. Branch out. Learn other things. Grab a camera take photos. Graphic design is more than a party flyer or business card. There is so much you can expose yourself to and you should try to learn about it all.

What inspires me most is the fact that she is an upcoming talent and talent of the future is what we all should be anticipating.

Follow her on Instagram and stay tune on her on-going Final-Year Project.


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