Body Modifications – Trishana’s Interview

KW:What does body modification mean to you?

Trishana: Body modification is altering any aspect of your physical appearance or composition. Most persons think nosejobs and breast augmentation when they hear "body modification" but (in my opinion) body mod is much broader.

Broader how? What do you think falls under the broader heading?

Lip injections, skin bleaching/toning, ear stretching. Anything that alters the natural appearance.
So tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, hairline adjustment... all that.

Are there alterations you’ve tried (including piercings, tattoos, etc) or want to try?

Definitely! I have 7 piercings and a tattoo and I can't wait to do more. I guess you could say I'm all for body mod as long as it makes you happy... I've considered breast augmentations and rhinoplasty a few times lol
I've also looked into permanent eye colour change.. I like my eyes as they are now but I want a more exotic look sometimes - and so I'd go for green.

Do you see body mods as just for aesthetics or as a form of self-expression?

 I see it as a bit of both. For some, your aesthetic is how you express yourself. Personally, I'm okay spending hours to achieve a certain look before heading into public places because I don't feel comfortable unless my appearance matches perfectly with how I'm feeling or the vibe I want to give off at that time.

Do you think media or people’s perceptions of you have influenced what kind of mods you want to do?

Lol for sure - both positively and negatively. I've seen obese persons lose a chunk of weight and then do surgeries to tighten the skin and finish the look and I just think it's a nice finishing touch to the hard work they've put in.
However, I've also seen persons go to the extreme to look like animals, Barbies, etc. (watched a lot of Botched too lol). And it worked out horribly for them because I guess they took it too far..
So I used that to gauge how far I was willing to go. I also have body goals inspired by full-figured models such as Ashley Graham or personalities like Kim Kardashian

With that being said, what procedures or mods would just be too much for you personally?

Ha, anything that involves inserting silicone or botox, I think. I'm okay tweaking what's already on me but the add-ons are an absolute no-no.

How about a significant other? What mods do you like seeing on someone you’re attracted to?

Tattoos! Hands down! I love a tatted guy. I'm here for contacts/permanent eye colour change... and in some cases, piercings.

Lol same here. Tattoos and a beard = instant marriage lol

Lol it's craaazzzzyy. I'm a chubby chaser too.. so a little pudge and full sleeves.. SIGN ME UP

Do you think body mods will ever become a normalized phenomenon? No stereotypes, prejudices or negative connotations?

I think that our society is built on controversy. Persons are always going to have to deal with others who don't like it.. or think they should do more. And eventually, the negative connotations may die down but there will always be new trends and THAT ONE SUBSET who thinks its the worst thing ever

Do you think you could ever date someone who was completely against your mods?

Probably not. My mods are me.. that's how I show the world who I and the things that matter to me. If he doesn't like my mods, he isn't likely to like the real me.

Well said, well said.

-> Finally, any opinions, advice or experiences you want to share?

I'm interested in hearing your take on mods, though.

Oh, let me answer first then

-> As someone with tattoos and piercings, they represent the person I want to be and also how I want to be perceived — whether good or bad. I am easily deterred sometimes by negative opinions but I’ve been through a lot of self-doubt with my personality and looks because of the people around. Luckily, I caught on quick to who I believed I deserved to be and who I deserved to be loved by. I simply just changed the people around me and that kind of change in mentality can be seen in my back tattoo.

-> I’m not an extremist when it comes to the mods I want to do but I feel like I have the right to alter my body as I please.

-> Mods are just that, mods. They change what people see on the outside but it doesn’t affect my character and that’s the great thing about them.

I couldn't agree more with you. Mods actually helped me understand concepts like gender fluidity and androgyny. I got to a place where I stopped attaching objects and behaviours to defined roles. I understand now that tattoos don't make you unprofessional or rebellious - that's all you. Your personal preferences re mods don't make you who you are. And honestly, it's a beautiful concept.
It's also empowering to be able to make changes as you see fit. To have that level of control over what you see in the mirror. Because when you flourish whenever you're the most confident version of yourself. Even if persons call you 'fake' or 'vain'.
It's just sad that as individuals we have to fight so hard for the basic right to do as we please with our bodies,
The most valuable advice I could offer to someone interested in doing mods is to think deeply about their decision and why they've chosen to do this. Because I believe unless you do it for yourself, you'll never be satisfied and this could result in permanent damage and negative results. As for social acceptance, I would say: your body is YOUR temple and temples were meant to be adorned.

Any closing words? Or questions for me?

Lol can I curse?

of course!

Okay well in that case.. fuck the haters and do you.
*drops mic*

Perfect! 😂😂😂

Thanks Trish!

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