Your first draft isn’t your worst one [Public Souvenir]

My head is bursting at the seams with ideas I want to get out, get on paper and get in the hands of any willing reader. The first thing I do is write it down, exactly as I’ve thought it, before I lose it to the rest of the chaos in my head and when I’ve finally turned my ‘thinking  cap’ off, I revisit my ideas. The same goes for everything, including stories or poems I want to write. Sometimes what I write is usable and becomes the perfect beginning to write the rest of my piece. Sometimes I just trash that first draft and start all over. And if its just not my day I  put it at the back of the line of thoughts hoping I’ll know what to do when I get back to it.

For most, and even for myself, the first draft, the first attempt to bring this abstract concept to life on paper, doesn’t go very well. The pressure you give yourself to make it something fantastic the first time around is agonizing especially when it just doesn’t play out that way. Luckily, it gets easier when you accept that any attempt is a good one, once it helps you to learn, develop and grow your story – even that wretched first draft.

Basics are always a good place to start because every house needs its foundation. So here’s a great article on How to Not Waste Your Words: The Secret to Writing a Crappy but Usable First Draft.


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