Neutral [Ancient Writings]

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this; neither happy nor sad, neither lost nor found.

Limbo, they call it.

They call it Limbo – this state of oblivion I’m in. Having been here before, I don’t feel panicked for an answer but it still makes me wonder why it happens so frequently. What am I doing or not doing to get back here?

I have so much to look forward to with no real desire to do so.

I can still laugh and cry without feeling burdened, and still do them genuinely. I sleep well enough through the nights and function well enough through the days as if nothing’s wrong.

And that’s just it – there’s absolutely nothing wrong. I’m perfectly fine. I’m as close to perfect as I can be. So what’s left to do?

Sleep –

– and see what happens tomorrow.


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