What’s wrong with Millennials? [Crowd’s Remark]

This freebie comes from a recent conversation my close friend and I had  around this video:

By now most, or all, of us have seen and taken in what he’s said and how true we think it is to our reality (us millennials, especially). So I just want to post this throwback conversation I had with my friend Abbey.

Me: He was speaking such truth though

Abbey: I’m saying. I felt so triggered

But to be very honest, I think we here in the Caribbean (at least our years) didn't have it so bad. Because as third world countries, I think it was understood that we need to try harder in general but it still does apply

Yeah. Definitely. Cause I pree that the whole coddling part he was talking about with our gens parents wouldn’t really apply to us. Unless u raise upt n for the most part it still wouldnt apply to them anyway cause i think our parents are a lil more harsh n realistic where that is concerned. But with the insecure part. Jesus. That part shook me

 I think media had more to play in that than our actual parents. It's very obvious that a lot the things we do or trends we follow are influenced by the media we're exposed to
I think we also live in a generation that compares ourselves to others too much. We always check for similarities and then pick at the things that make us different and keep asking "Why? Why? Why?" not remembering that we are not all the same, no 2 persons are
And I think a lot of insecurities we have, have no basis because a lot of us created them ourselves because we believed there was a status quo or mold we were supposed to live in and as such it warped our mentalities in such a way that we basically hate ourselves for things we never were in the first place

Yeah that’s true. Were becoming so westernized. Ppl are starting to seem cool and edgy and they actually embrace their own culture and basic when they embrace western culture.

-> And ur spot on with the comparison thing. We always have to out do and compete with each other instead of helping each other get where we want to be.
-> Yass with this truth. Girl u have me shook rn

The fact that we are aware of the darkness in front of out eyes sadly won't change anything immediately. But I think this whole era of being confident in yourself and what you believe in is a free ticket for us to really make that "impact" that some of us lust after but.. It seems that most of us can't get over how "important our opinions are" in this day and age and it'll just be continued to be wasted on arguments like if its okay to comment on kardashian news.
Which is why most people who have really made something of themselves are working hard and not really boasting because all they want to is to do what they like without being scared of being criticised by all these "free thinkers"
[I also think that out concept of "wanting to be popular" isn't our fault nor is it far fetched. Companies only do well when they are well respected, trusted and have a good consumer base (in other words they are popular amongst their target market). I think we millennials get bashed for putting our constructive energy into social media instead of into the real world but regardless, the want for popularity whether corporal or individual is the same desire.
I do after however that we see the end result with absolutely no regard or concern for the process that gets us to the result that we want. We are very shortsighted that way which is why a lot of us just look up quick how-to's instead of finding what can work for us and how we can make our ventures worth while in the long run instead of just a quick "buss"

Dawg. I deven know how to respond cause u literally took every word of my mind and said it in the most perfect way. Nothing else to say other than the fact that its evident that you’re meant to be a writer (not saying u cya do nothing else – but that you’re just so good at it).

 But yeah, that video makes you think but will it make people change? Who knows.

The stigmas surrounding millennials will be a conversation that never ends as some of us try to prove everyone wrong and some try to make these stereotypes become something positive to be associated with. Share your thoughts!


One Reply to “What’s wrong with Millennials? [Crowd’s Remark]”

  1. Perhaps the conversation will end when the upcoming generations change all this although it’s highly unlikely that they will. It sucks that we already set the trend for them, just saying

    I like the society that we built on social media, it has literally leveled the playing field for what was once considered a mere popularity contest.

    The more creative you can be in OUR society, the further you will get



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