Blog Format Change

With the additional segments to my blog, there’s some changes I want to make for some of the content. It won’t be anything to major (I hope), so I can find a groove I like for my blog. So here goes for the upcoming changes:

Ancient Writings will no longer be done as it was to showcase my old writings but since as a novice writer, I didn’t have many pieces from the past, I can now focus on new pieces for the future.

Improv Literature will be on hiatus so I can focus on the How to Survive Being Alive [HTBSA] series. It will be back after the 8th installment in the series (March 31) and return April 6.

Crowd’s Remark will become permanent and posted on Tuesdays.

Weekly Quotes (Mondays), Public Souvenir (Wednesdays) and Inspiration District (Saturdays) will all remain as is.

Thank you to all that follow my blog and I hope to continue making great posts for the masses.




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