The Wave of Young Creatives | Kone

People can easily place art in to a generic box, so how would YOU describe your art-form?

I’m still very science minded especially when it comes to explaining. So even as a producer I kinda have to see art thing as frequency manipulation, using that to convey a message or an emotion. Even visual artists do the same thing just light vs sound. So, I can’t even blame people for generalizing, trivialising is the problem.

How did you get started? What convinced you to choose this medium (writing, drawing, producing music, etc) as your ultimate self-expression?

Uhm. Music kinda just been a thing. Been trying to learn piano since I been 8 or so. Picked up guitar a few years back. About 4-5 years now. Then that whole wave of EDM came in and I found solace in music from guys like Flume and Skrillex during that time. So I tried making my own beats and ting with that little music knowledge that I had and I’ve just kinda been growing from there.

Where do you get most of your inspiration for your pieces/perspective from?

All over. Life. My life. Experiences. The music I listen to. Sometimes I might hear or see sumn on the road. And try and see what it would sound like if I said it.

 Let’s say later down the line, maybe 5-10 years, you are successfully creating your art on your terms on a large-scale, Where/What do you hope to see your art-form be?

Live on a stage definitely. Maybe I’m not even on that stage. But yeah. Nothing beats live performances with music. I think videos/movies (score) is a close second.

“Young Creatives” is often used to describe an artist who uses their unique, sometimes alternative, views, imagination and lifestyle as a creator in their art-form. But what do you consider a young creative to be?

I suppose just that. People try to pin the young thing to an age group but I think it’s more the freshness of the ideas & processes. Fresh Creatives (lol).

What do you think about the platforms, or lack thereof, available to the new wave of young Jamaican creatives to sell, showcase or get support for their art?

Nawt much tbh. At least not specific to JA.

 How important is local support from Jamaicans and fellow Jamaican creatives to you?

Very. That said I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for the recipe. But it definitely helps. Also, Makes pushing out on the global scene much easier having a strong base at home.

 Do you feel like you’re in competition with other creatives, especially with how easy it is to get popular (or “go viral”)? Do you think collaborations can eradicate unnecessary competitiveness?

Not in my experience. I feel it may have been more competitive in the past when it was harder to push out and nepotism was the order of the day. It might even be caused by the ease of popularity, but there’s a fairly open spirit of collaboration among “young creatives” now more than ever, even across art forms.

How do you handle negative criticism about your work?

Poorly (lol). I suppose it depends on who’s giving it. I might feel more “h if its someone I look up to our whose opinion I respect. Something I’m working on. That said I’m open to constructive criticism working on taking it better. (Haters can fuck off)

It’s often said that if opportunity doesn’t knock, build your own door. Do have any interest in creating a platform for other young creatives to express themselves or help them get recognition?

Yes. Working on putting a frame-work in place not sure of the final form its gonna take but I feel it’s a responsibility we have as creatives even as supporters of the local creative ‘industries’. Owe it to ourselves.

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