Talking Sex with ShanBoody [Inspiration District]

A penny for my thoughts?

As a fan of most things YouTube, I meet new people via this new age chatroom every day. What is less frequent however, is meeting someone who can open my eyes to things I’ve hardly stopped to think about. So what did I do when I met the friend I felt like I’ve been waiting for my whole life? BINGE WATCH! Yes, even though I could see my irl deadlines staring into my soul, I ignored those unnecessary demons and clicked that autoplay button as if I’ve never heard about that savage concept called school and the responsibilities it carries.

And 3 hours later, when I’ve finally looked up from the blinding lights of the small laptop I’ve been snuggled up in front of, I’ve decided that that’s it! ShanBoody is my new soul mate (not to be confused with the term life partner-something I cheekily learned in the midst of those bliss-filled hours ). So when I was offered the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with this intelligent being, I could do nothing but ask her exactly what was on my heart.

Shannon Boodram, sexologist, author and  YouTuber extraordinaire, has opened my eyes to a road less travelled – and on that road, it’s okay to talk about sex! But before you say it, yes I know its 2017 and yes I know I’m 22 years old but I know (hope 😫) I’m not alone when I say this – having conversations about sex was just not something I believed was “normal”.  As physical beings, why shouldn’t it be normal? Why do we tend to sugar coat the facts of life when they are just that-facts of life. says, 40% of parents never get around to talking to their kids about sex. Having been a child of the 40% parents, I had sex-ed from multiple sources, from porn to small talk with peers. “There is  good information [about sex] on the internet, however most of it is packaged in a boring way…and most of the bad information is packaged in an exciting  way”.  Therefore, we are more likely to access the information which doesn’t end up benefiting us as much as it could. “It’s the same thing with career, you don’t just have one conversation with your kids about career, or values [or] manners, it should be a continuous conversation”.

Shannon has spent 10 years teaching and counseling, and her drive to educate on love, sex and relationships continues in her book, Laid: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture, where she collects personal stories from young people dealing with sex in today’s world. “Not having the right information definitely stared me down the wrong path”she said, and seeing a “need for a young, black, woman of color, to talk about sex from an informed position” pushed her to step out of the ideal life her parents might have initially thought, and live the life she knew she was supposed to.

As a fan and as someone who is completely fascinated by the opportunity explore this topic, I hope this interview starts a conversation we should all be having.

To see the full Skype interview I did with Shannon on Talking Sex and more, click here.

– xx, Caddy
Contributing Author
(Follow Cathy on Snapchat: @bellisticcatt)

To get to know Shannon a bit more, check out her YouTube, Twitter and her Website.


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