Just Another Rough Day and If You Ask [Behind the ‘Epiphany’]

Here’s another addition to my Behind the Epiphany articles. This is where I release some “behind the scenes” info about some pieces and what led me to write them. All my poems hold specific meanings as they reflect my mental and emotional state at different points in my life during my years in university. Here’s the last one if you missed it.

Today I’ll focus on two pieces: Just Another Rough Day and If You Ask.

Just Another Rough Day

What’s it about?

You’re having a rough day. Every day is a rough day. You’re so fragile, paper thin, being torn by the simplest of touches.

The title explains it all. This piece is a representation of the lowest point you can reach mentally. It’s almost like a journal entry of self-reflection where you finally admit there’s so much more that’s wrong in your head than you let on. The title itself is quite misleading, as what should be described as “just another rough day” seems more like a continuous internal struggle for happiness, acceptance and being understood. It’s written with “you” instead of “I” as a way to purposely project my own feelings onto the reader – not maliciously but rather to invoke sympathy.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

There were two points in my university life where I was suffering from depression, mostly because I was basing all of my worth on reactions rather than on how I should have perceived myself. Many of the “friends” I had around me contributed to the state of mind I was in at that the time of writing the piece.


If You Ask

What’s it about?

If You Ask, the shortest piece in my book, is an insight to how I want others to see me. I explain how I react to questions (in this case sensitive/personal questions) and the inconsistencies you can see with each time you ask. It shows how I try to control conversations for the purpose of not having to complicate my thoughts and my image unnecessarily.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?


I identify myself as an introvert. I’m not shy nor anti-social, but rather relish in the time I can spend in solidarity to be one with my thoughts or to recharge after any [overwhelming] social encounters. Without knowing it then, this piece was to reflect that part of me that I never fully understood myself. It peeks into how I avoid misunderstandings and try to maintain an easy interaction with other people. It mostly alludes to how poorly I express myself through speaking versus writing.

Hope you found these snippets insightful if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t and wanna grab a copy of the book, here are the links:



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