Episode 3.1 – Dr. Edward Garfield’s Journal

It’s been more than a couple days. 12, to be exact. 12 days since you’ve seen a flashing ‘1’ on the unplugged answering machine. You’ve managed to finally clean and redecorate the study, and pack away the eerie answering machine into some box, stored away in some corner you didn’t care to remember where.  All that was left was to throw out the papers that were left in the desk drawers.

Each drawer seemed to be filled with official-looking documents and folders, sporting a weird looking logo you’ve never seen before. “The Office of Dr. Edward Garfield“, was plastered under the logo on each piece of paper. Edward Garfield. Edward Garfield?  You take a moment to consider if you have any relatives by that name but no one comes to mind. Why would papers belonging to some Doctor’s office be in this study?  As far as you’re concerned this was just some house your great-grandparents had built that no one else seemed to have wanted.

The strangest part about the documents were that none of them looked old. In fact, some looked they could have been quite recent.

You’re sure the house was abandoned, right?

Most of the jargon is completely foreign to you. They could be talking about Kryptonite for all you know. As you skim through the rest of the drawers, you find some papers that look like journal notes from this doctor’s personal notepad. It’s pretty strange, though. The dates are blacked out, patient’s names (you assume) are written in bright, bold red and the signature at the end of the documents is…

There’s a particular entry that catches your eye – it has multiple pages, the first bright red name you see is Ben. You see Lim’s name too and oddly enough, the papers are warm. Very warm. Almost as if they’ve just been printed.

A little reading could  do you some good, don’tcha think?

——————– Journal Entry ——————–

-------------------- Journal Entry --------------------



Ben from the second call? Are they really being held captive?

Who exactly is Dr. Edward Garfield?

You don’t know what to think at this point but maybe the answers are in the rest of these pages. I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

*To be continued*

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