Find your next best idea in music [Public Souvenir]

Sometimes, without even noticing, a bright, fresh and interesting idea comes to mind by just listening to a song. Whether it’s the beat, the lyrics or it’s the mood I’m in when I listen to music, there’s always the possibility that my mind is brewing a new idea that is slightly – or totally – inspired by that song. The genre doesn’t matter. You’d be surprised what you can find in your everyday playlist and even in songs you’ve never even thought to listen to.

There are times when I have the idea beforehand and then the music compliments and amplifies how I decide to express the idea. And there’s nothing better than creating a playlist for your idea – with no limit on how many songs there are. Just like the playlist you have for exercising or studying, consider a playlist for your creative work, too. A whole playlist may seem a bit much, but once you have a blueprint and theme for your idea, the playlist will make itself. Just think of it as a movie and it’s soundtrack (they’re much better together, right?). Don’t worry about what people “hear” from your creations; they’re there to satisfy you alone. The music isn’t there to dictate what your doing but instead to inspire you along the way.

This snippet of advice isn’t limited to writing, even though it has benefited my writing from time to time. For me, listening to a self-curated playlist helps me visualize certain themes, emotions, the setting, the mood, and helps me to be things into context, if I’m being honest. Whether you’re a writer or not, I highly recommend you try to visualize your ideas through music. There’s so much to tap into, to bring your ultimate creation to life.

Happy Creating,



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