Table Talk

I tried to be as honest as possible in an amazing interview with the beautiful minds of letterstoahummingbird!


Hey hummingirds, it’s Sunday again! Time seems to be marching along really fast this month and I want to speak to whoever’s responsible. While we clutch on the the frocktail of a month that’s moving way too fast, let’s pause for a second, take cleansing breaths and sit Indian style for another session of Table Talk. Last week we had Rowella and this week  we’ll be hearing from Kerine Wint, another amazing writer and a member of the hummingbird sisterhood. Welcome.

  1. Who is Kerine Wint?

If I’m being honest with myself, Kerine is a girl who thinks she’s in control, possibly full of untapped potential and thinks she’s always ready for almost anything the world has to throw at her but instead she’s really just full of ideas and dreams that she doesn’t always have the confidence to back up. She equates long nights, being stressed and doing…

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