Can I “properly navigate” through feminism with storytelling?

I’ve been writing a short story for the past few months with the motif being – feminism. I wanted to showcase an extreme scenario presented to an all female “cast”. Rightly so, I did my research and decided I’d just use the 3 main approaches as explained in most sociology books; it’d focus on radical, liberal and traditional feminist views. But unfortunately, that proved harder than I thought because I realized that people are more complex than just groups and categories, and all the opinions would be similar without differing personalities and thoughts that could affect the content of the POV.

I’ve actually considered scrapping the idea many times but then another angle which seems like the perfect – I thought of feminism through personification of various goddesses. Like all pieces I write, I have used actual people in my life and their traits to base certain key points on. The storyline is still a bit wonky to flesh out from totally perspectives totally unfamiliar to me but then again, that’s what imagination is for, am I right?

I have considered maybe a collaboration with other women, either as inspiration or actual written contributions.I want to get the general feel of feminism, more as a realistic representation of how women view men and their importance. I want to get that across without forcing extreme views and losing the message behind being too PC and making everyone “agree” with me or any of the characters.

I know this is an odd post but a little rant always helps.

What do you think?


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