Quarterly Goals [April-June]

I’ve always defined my goals within the sphere of weekly “to-do” lists and random dates to curb my ‘Procrastination Illness’ (I’m convinced it’s a real sickness). But with all that I want to do and what [I think] I can realistically do I’ve decided to give quarterly goal setting a chance. Maybe with a 3-month time frame, I’ll plan and execute all the things I really REALLY want to do properly. My blog has been neglected too and I thought this would kill two birds with one stone for content on the blog.


To hold myself accountable; here are some of my goals for April to June.

  • Finish HTSBA (OG 8 series)
  • Add 4 short stories to Mirror (I’ll announce more about this project later)
  • Check out story podcasts
  • Do full book review – Book this month is 1984 by George Orwell
  • Add “Behind the Epiphany” articles for the rest of the poems in Epiphany
  • Start a writing collaboration/project with other bloggers.
  • Set up ‘secret merch’
  • Contact illustrators for cover art and merch design
  • Bring back Improv Literature
  • Host a giveaway!

I try to be realistic, so if I accomplish at least half, it’ll be a success I think.

This’ll be easy, right? Right?


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