We Are and Cycle’s End [Behind the ‘Epiphany’]

Here’s another addition to my Behind the Epiphany articles. This is where I release some “behind the scenes” info about some pieces and what led me to write them. All my poems hold specific meanings as they reflect my mental and emotional state at different points in my life during my years in university. Here’s the last one if you missed it.

Today I’ll focus on two pieces: We Are and Cycle’s End.

We Are

What’s it about?

This poem is a reminder that there are so many positive things in life to appreciate and they’re usually the little things we often take for granted. We are all apart of a bigger picture but no bigger than the things that make us each unique. It’s a friendly reminder for a rainy day or an extra smile for your good mood.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

Imagine suddenly having a realization that there’s much more to life than today’s worries and how each activity could be the next best moment of your life. I was experiencing a sort of “pointless bliss” that I was trying to give meaning to but to no avail but soon decided it needed no explanation. I wanted something to look back to when I was too overwhelmed to remind me that trivial things can make me happy.


Cycle’s End

What’s it about?

It hurts to see your back all the time.

I have often forgotten your handsome face.

One of the more low-spirited pieces in the book, Cycle’s End, is about the experiencing emotional trauma from someone who was supposed to be a source of love and support. This person seemingly doesn’t realize the pain they’re inflicting and how the subsequent depression affects you both physically and mentally. It shows the gradually descent into misery, then finally choosing to separate one’s self from that person and ending the cycle of sadness.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

I wrote this as a direct response to the crisis I felt I was having with having some people in my life. I had a buildup of emotions that I had to write down and hopefully make sense of. I was at a rocky place and wanted a cleanse and this piece was me addressing the pain I felt for the last time.

Hope you found these snippets insightful if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t and wanna grab a copy of the book, here are the links:



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