River Phoenix and Ear-Splitting Silence [Behind the ‘Epiphany’]

We’re almost done with the Behind the Epiphany series and I’d like to thank everyone that have interacted with me through the book and those that enjoyed the snippets I’ve been posting. This installation will look at River Phoenix and Ear-Splitting Silence and as you know these posts are some “behind the scenes” info about some pieces and what led me to write them. All my poems hold specific meanings as they reflect my mental and emotional state at different points in my life during my years in university. Here’s the last one if you missed it.

 River Phoenix

What’s it about?

An ode to an actor that was destined for greatness. The piece itself explains the eerie attraction that makes me feel drawn to the idea of he was.

He was perfection, or so everyone thought. He only wanted to be human; not to be admired or worshiped but instead heard, understood, regarded
with the same kindness he always gave to others. But despite all that, he was perfection. He was the perfect tortured soul that stood the test of time despite his demise.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

He’s the answer I’ve been looking for and he’s dead (which seems most appropriate). The living today have a way of being under qualified.


Ear-Splitting Silence

What’s it about?

Imagine all your feelings and thoughts compact into one space; multiplying endlessly, growing exponentially, bursting through every nook and cranny. Imagine being trapped behind that chaos and feeling like you have to navigate through it alone.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

This piece is almost a literal diary entry that is a direct reflection of the effects of personal issues on my mental well-being. It was something that I needed to write to try and articulate what I was thinking and how I was feeling without having to directly share it with anyone else. It was almost a cry for help that I stifled with a literary pillow.

Hope you found these snippets insightful if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t and wanna grab a copy of the book, here are the links:



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