*FINAL* Schizophrenia, Evil and Yes [Behind the Epiphany]

We’ve finally come to the end of the Behind the Epiphany article series. As with each post before it, this is where I share some “behind the scenes” info about some pieces and what led me to write them. All my poems hold specific meanings as they reflect my mental and emotional state at different points in my life during my years in university.

As this is the last post, I’ll be covering 3 poems today (thus, completing all 13 poems). Make sure to check out the last one in case you missed it.

Today I’ll draw things to a close, focusing on: Schizophrenia, Evil and Yes.


What’s it about?

This poem was original title “My Thoughts Written and Narrated by Norman Bates “.  Here, I delve into what how I have looked back at some parts of my life and how the plethora of people and experiences that have shaped me are a radically different enough to be cause for concern. The piece also highlights that people shouldn’t be afraid of the different aspects of themselves for the sake of seeming sane.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

I have quite an intrigue for learning about mental illness and health. It occurred to me that most terms in that field get used loosely and as such hurts the real discussion that needs to be had by those who actually suffer from mental illness. I use the word ‘ Schizophrenia ‘ loosely as well to eventually the reader know (by the end of the piece) that most of what we’re trying to hide is an idea we use to hold back ourselves from being great. Instead of creating a different you for different occasions, embrace it all.



What’s it about?

 You’re like the devil himself, yet created by his hands.

A more straightforward piece that speaks to a being that is only toxic in your life; a being that through mere interactions has turned you into a spawn of their wicked ways.



What’s it about?

Yes  is a take on deciding to find positivity in everyday life – whether it’s something that you really want to do or something outside of your comfort zone. It’s encouragement to pursue things without focusing too much on repercussions.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

I consider myself a realist that sometimes borders on being a pessimist on a bad day. There were many things I wanted but was too afraid of doing because I was worried about criticisms and failure but then I realized that there’s much more to gain in the long run from just trying as much as possible.

Hope you found these snippets and the entire series insightful if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t and wanna grab a copy of the book, here are the links:



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