My craft vs. My platform.

I read an awesome post on the difference between one’s craft versus one’s platform and which of the two should take priority as a creative.

For me, it’s an ongoing hassle trying to build and maintain both. I don’t want to just create new works over and over again with no audience to share it with but I also don’t want there to be these wonderful platforms with nothing to show.

I have big plans for my craft. In this day and age, there’s a lot to be said for not doing things the traditional way (art, writing,  music; anything medium you use to articulate your idea). Everyone wants something new, something they’ve never seen before and now’s a perfect time for anyone to do things their way. In my case, I want to tell stories, and I want those stories to come to life on a scale that’s bigger than any book you could possibly hold in your hand.

Now that’s good and all but all those lovely things won’t reach anyone if there’s now way for them to see it. I convince myself that  I’m more than capable of creating a platform for potential readers to find my work and hopefully create a genuine connection with anyone who reads them. Easier said than done – of course! – because, as much as I love and get inspired by meeting and conversing with new minds, I’m horrible at making the first move.

One thing that stands true no matter what marketing you do or sites you use is that you have to put yourself out there. And that’s the part I dread. To put it simply, I’m just really shy. I’ve always been. Luckily, I’ve been able to combat that with planning ahead. It’s a life saver for me! One thing I can’t stand is jumbled thoughts; so when my thoughts are organized, the rest of my life becomes easier to handle.

Balance is key and it’s unique to everyone. The article mentions four (4) things to always consider if you’re building your craft and platform together:

  • Prioritize what matters to you,
  • Get collaborators,
  • Develop a literacy of the marketplace and who your audience is,
  • Start building creative habits and audience building habits.

It’s very doable if you consider these four things but I’ll only know for sure when I try it/ I can honestly say that my craft and my platform(s) are a HUGE work-in-progress and I can’t wait to turn these ripples into tides.

Finally, I can honestly say that my craft and my platform(s) are a HUGE work-in-progress and I can’t wait to turn these ripples into tides.


Leave me a comment about how you build your craft and/or platform!


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