I’m on Patreon!

This is a huge step for me but I’m finally ready to start an extensive writing career! This is oh-so-sudden for me but I’m ready (I think, haha) and I think Patreon is a good start.

Hi, I’m Kerine Wint and I want to become a storyteller– but not just any storyteller. No no! I want to be able to create stories that don’t fit traditional topics, structure or even packaging. I want to support more illustrators and animators; more musicians and every person who wants a story to be told. I want to reinvent how people view how a story’s told. That would be the dream!

Here are some of the projects I’d love to create:

  • Releasing my second book
    • Why yes, I have a first book > https://goo.gl/cRMJbs
    • Funds would help me to get great illustrators and set up marketing for the book. You’ll get to decide if my next book is a poetry collection or an anthology of short stories. You’re Welcome!
  • Creating an 8- (or more) part short story each month
    • I’ll post polls for you to become a part of the stories I tell each month
    • Based on the reception, I’ll let you choose the ending and publish these stories perma-free on Amazon
  • Self-Publishing a series of anthologies with contributions from upcoming writers!
    • Self-explanatory, no?
    • Writers need love, exposure and a little bit of money in their pockets wouldn’t hurt.

What will the money go towards?

      • Unfortunately, this is my only talent (next to hibernation-like sleep) and I need to the help of those who can draw, animate, produce, etc. to get my vision going. The funds will help to pay those talented people.
    • Marketing
      • You guys get first dibs on everything but I want everyone to able to have access to my work afterward and also help everyone that helps me to get the recognition they deserve.
    • Publishing
      • Although I won’t be going through traditional mediums, I want the anthologies projects to get as many great resources as possible.


Anyway, thanks for any support you can offer if you decide to. It means the most to me!

For more info, check out the page!


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