A_t_sex_al | Part Two

I want my touch – every single fingerprint etched into your skin.

I want the perfume of our escapades to become etched into your nose.

I want every taste, every scratch, every moment of our coition to be etched into your mind.

I want to brand you with my devotion.

I want the mere exploration of your body to be my greatest achievement.

Somedays I can’t bear the thoughts and desires that linger in the seconds before we meet again.

You are my erotic, amorous, obscene obsession. I’m sure you know that, don’t you?

No one can have you.

Can you feel the mania streaming through my veins with every jagged breath? I’m the only one with you in your reflection. Always.

Leaving isn’t an option. We are one.

I love you Neena.


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