Neutral [Ancient Writings]

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this; neither happy nor sad, neither lost nor found.

Limbo, they call it.

They call it Limbo – this state of oblivion I’m in. Having been here before, I don’t feel panicked for an answer but it still makes me wonder why it happens so frequently. What am I doing or not doing to get back here?

I have so much to look forward to with no real desire to do so.

I can still laugh and cry without feeling burdened, and still do them genuinely. I sleep well enough through the nights and function well enough through the days as if nothing’s wrong.

And that’s just it – there’s absolutely nothing wrong. I’m perfectly fine. I’m as close to perfect as I can be. So what’s left to do?

Sleep –

– and see what happens tomorrow.


Here’s What’s New for February!

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What’s new for this month?

A new mystery series on my Wattpad Page

Excerpts. background and behind the scene details for the poems in my book Epiphany

Posting some new designs for an official blog logo.

I’ll be testing out a new discussion segment to start a conversation on popular topics and much more.

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Winnie [Ancient Writings]

This week’s old piece is quite short but very special to me as it is a piece in remembrance of my great-grandmother who had passed last year. I kept my thought simple, for she was a simple woman.

Winnie’s Warm Winds


Warm winds, start out as a silent summer day. Whirling, flowing, moving uninterrupted up until contact. The invasive contact with skin, raised moisture responding. But how does it differ from another person’s warm touch? Maybe it isn’t. Maybe warm winds lack the heart behind it that conveys a shared moment between two overwhelmed by love.

How about Winnie’s? 

If you close your eyes momentarily, you wouldn’t know the difference — the haunting presence of the mother you could never forget. 

The Breeze [Ancient Writings]

This piece was the first time I wrote something that was completely random because of something that suddenly inspired me.

I guess you could say the weather was my first ever writing prompt.


The sensational feeling of your cool touch, the gentle fingers caressing my hair.

The comfortable wrap around my body leading my fantasies towards a new person, feeling the same as me,

to an undiscovered world.

You cleanse me from the whispers of my past; guiding me into the future, but allowing me to enjoy the present.

Making beautiful muziq against my body while laughing with trees and whistling happily through every darkened path.

Though at times you are frustrated, tense and cast me away into a lonely, frozen nightmare. You hear my cries, ease my pain and restore your gentle touch.

The natural love of………….
The Breeze

Best Friend [Ancient Writings]

I wrote this back in 2010 when I was having a major internal conflict trying to figure out the important people in my life. Enjoy!


I have many
Yet I have none…
There’s no one I can tell Everything to
It’s kinda hard to switch from one to the other
But better for me; they don’t all understand the same thing

Despite it all I never share everything
It’s never hard for me to be alone
Some secrets haunt me and they’ll follow me to the grave
My burdens aren’t my friend’s burden

Everyone should have a have that someone to go to
That someone that’s always there

A Best Friend
Sadly the darkness is mine…