With the additional segments to my blog, there's some changes I want to make for some of the content. It won't be anything to major (I hope), so I can find a groove I like for my blog. So here goes for the upcoming changes: - Ancient Writings will no longer be done as it... Continue Reading →

Neutral [Ancient Writings]

It's been a long time since I've felt like this; neither happy nor sad, neither lost nor found. Limbo, they call it. They call it Limbo - this state of oblivion I'm in. Having been here before, I don't feel panicked for an answer but it still makes me wonder why it happens so frequently.... Continue Reading →

Here’s What’s New for February!

Most of my February content has been planned already and will be following the same blog format -> Here’s the Blog Format. What's new for this month? + A new mystery series on my Wattpad Page + Excerpts. background and behind the scene details for the poems in my book Epiphany + Posting some new designs for an official blog... Continue Reading →

Winnie [Ancient Writings]

This week's old piece is quite short but very special to me as it is a piece in remembrance of my great-grandmother who had passed last year. I kept my thought simple, for she was a simple woman. Winnie’s Warm Winds   Warm winds, start out as a silent summer day. Whirling, flowing, moving uninterrupted... Continue Reading →

The Breeze [Ancient Writings]

This piece was the first time I wrote something that was completely random because of something that suddenly inspired me. I guess you could say the weather was my first ever writing prompt. ------------------------- The sensational feeling of your cool touch, the gentle fingers caressing my hair. The comfortable wrap around my body leading my... Continue Reading →

Best Friend [Ancient Writings]

I wrote this back in 2010 when I was having a major internal conflict trying to figure out the important people in my life. Enjoy! ------------------------- I have many Yet I have none… There’s no one I can tell Everything to It’s kinda hard to switch from one to the other But better for me;... Continue Reading →

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