A clear whistle outside your window. A shadow that looms over your head. A presence that always lurks right behind you; it's a hand on your shoulder, it's the breath on your cheek, a frightening hum tapping on your ear drums. It's more than just fear that you're feeling, your body is stiffening out of... Continue Reading →


There's no need for words under these pink fluorescent lights. Here is where we dance slowly enough for our eyes to never falter and our souls to stay connected. There's no worries under these pink fluorescent lights. The crowd around us seem more like a field of flowers in full bloom. There's no sense of... Continue Reading →

With the additional segments to my blog, there's some changes I want to make for some of the content. It won't be anything to major (I hope), so I can find a groove I like for my blog. So here goes for the upcoming changes: - Ancient Writings will no longer be done as it... Continue Reading →

Here’s What’s New for February!

Most of my February content has been planned already and will be following the same blog format -> Here’s the Blog Format. What's new for this month? + A new mystery series on my Wattpad Page + Excerpts. background and behind the scene details for the poems in my book Epiphany + Posting some new designs for an official blog... Continue Reading →

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