My craft vs. My platform.

I read an awesome post on the difference between one's craft versus one's platform and which of the two should take priority as a creative. For me, it's an ongoing hassle trying to build and maintain both. I don't want to just create new works over and over again with no audience to share it... Continue Reading →

YouTube for Writers [Public Souvenir]

There is a wide range of content  you can find on YouTube to satisfy any niche that entertains you: gaming, makeup, news, animation, and the list goes on. So.. there must be a community on YouTube for writer's too, right? Of course there is! Today's souvenir is for anyone who wants more resources, tips, or... Continue Reading →

With the additional segments to my blog, there's some changes I want to make for some of the content. It won't be anything to major (I hope), so I can find a groove I like for my blog. So here goes for the upcoming changes: - Ancient Writings will no longer be done as it... Continue Reading →

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