Quarterly Goals [July-August]

Check out my last Quarterly Goals to see how I did! I've always defined my goals within the sphere of weekly "to-do" lists and random dates to curb my 'Procrastination Illness' (I'm convinced it's a real sickness). But with all that I want to do and what [I think] I can really do I've decided... Continue Reading →

There’s no trickery to Mastery

"Practice daily to attain familiarity, treating them as ordinary affairs, so the mind remains unchanged." -Miyamoto Musashi Becoming a master in something sounds like it applies to painters and people who participate martial arts. But to become a master (or show mastery of a skill) it means you've not only learned but you've understood the... Continue Reading →

I’m on Patreon!

This is a huge step for me but I'm finally ready to start an extensive writing career! This is oh-so-sudden for me but I'm ready (I think, haha) and I think Patreon is a good start.   Here are some of the projects I'd love to create: Releasing my second book Why yes, I have... Continue Reading →

Broken Filter Podcast | Ep. 1

Hey Guys, I've realized that sometimes words are better said than written, so here's my first attempt at a podcast! I coaxed my sister to sit down and have a little chit-chat for a bit. We got had an interesting convo on past relationships and whether or not people really look for their parents in... Continue Reading →

My craft vs. My platform.

I read an awesome post on the difference between one's craft versus one's platform and which of the two should take priority as a creative. For me, it's an ongoing hassle trying to build and maintain both. I don't want to just create new works over and over again with no audience to share it... Continue Reading →

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