Now that I'm winding down my Epiphany-related content and focus. Now I want to shift my writing closer and closer to full-length prose and I want to start with short story pieces. I don't necessarily believe I have to do my pieces in a traditional sense, with traditional story structure. Nonetheless, Mirror will have 8... Continue Reading →

Quarterly Goals [April-June]

I've always defined my goals within the sphere of weekly "to-do" lists and random dates to curb my 'Procrastination Illness' (I'm convinced it's a real sickness). But with all that I want to do and what [I think] I can realistically do I've decided to give quarterly goal setting a chance. Maybe with a 3-month... Continue Reading →

Get a free copy of Epiphany!

Hey There! You're probably wondering why I'm giving away my e-book for free-- again. This time I'm looking for 10 people to review my poems, as I have a new project that I'm working on and would love some general feedback on the book so I can grow as a writer. Plus, I'm feeling quite generous... Continue Reading →

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