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While putting together How To Survive Being Alive, I’ve started two new stories but today I’m announcing Divine Resolution. I’m excited about this story and its characters, especially!

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Now that I’m winding down my Epiphany-related content and focus. Now I want to shift my writing closer and closer to full-length prose and I want to start with short story pieces. I don’t necessarily believe I have to do my pieces in a traditional sense, with traditional story structure. Nonetheless, Mirror will have 8 short pieces and each will have their own page and include content for each story. I hope to publish this book by the end of the year, but right now I just want to enjoy the process of getting there.

Mirror will not only be a book on self-reflection but also a look at people who’ve shaped the me into the person I see today.

My hopes for the book is to have each story illustrated by different graphic artists/illustrators to add to the uniqueness of each story and possibly physical copies world wide.

Keep up to date with the pages under the Writing Projects.

I hope you guys enjoy the posts and I’ll love some feedback!