Excerpt from Geminian and Moments [Behind the ‘Epiphany’]

Behind the Epiphany

In this edition of my Behind the Epiphany articles, I’ll focus Excerpt from Geminian and Moments. As with each installation, this is where I release some “behind the scenes” info about some pieces and what led me to write them. All my poems hold specific meanings as they reflect my mental and emotional state at different points in my life during my years in university. Here’s the last one if you missed it.

Excerpt from Geminian

What’s it about?

This excerpt is from a short story that will be included in my second book Mirror . It looks at a being that personifies the Gemini zodiac sign. It explains the being’s character in it’s entirety; their personality, the way they live and interact all from an onlooker’s POV.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

I’m not the biggest fan of zodiac signs and horoscopes but there was a guy in my life – who actually was a Gemini – that fit the basic characteristics of what a Gemini is supposed to be. I had looked up Geminis out of sheer intrigue if someone’s sign can really describe how a person is and was surprised by similarities I could find. The story itself will speak to the span of my relationship with this person and how it changed over two years.



What’s it about?

Its really about that split second when you realize who you were and who you are now are drastically different; you’re unrecognizable. The moments are a self-reflection of this new version of yourself that you’ve created for someone else but aren’t happy with. It transitions from admitting something’s wrong to being determined to make everything right again.

Why did I write it? Who influenced it?

Moments was insight into how I had realized that I had changed a lot about myself to fit into the relationship I was in at the time. Someone told me I wasn’t being myself and I hadn’t really figured what they meant until I thought about the things I changed to make my relationship “better”. It’s a letter to myself to not forget that I don’t need to compromise the essence of who I am.

Hope you found these snippets insightful if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t and wanna grab a copy of the book, here are the links:




Now that I’m winding down my Epiphany-related content and focus. Now I want to shift my writing closer and closer to full-length prose and I want to start with short story pieces. I don’t necessarily believe I have to do my pieces in a traditional sense, with traditional story structure. Nonetheless, Mirror will have 8 short pieces and each will have their own page and include content for each story. I hope to publish this book by the end of the year, but right now I just want to enjoy the process of getting there.

Mirror will not only be a book on self-reflection but also a look at people who’ve shaped the me into the person I see today.

My hopes for the book is to have each story illustrated by different graphic artists/illustrators to add to the uniqueness of each story and possibly physical copies world wide.

Keep up to date with the pages under the Writing Projects.

I hope you guys enjoy the posts and I’ll love some feedback!