Another sneak peek at ‘That Wonderfully Strange Girl’

I’ll be releasing more snippets of That Wonderfully Strange Girl on my Wattpad page over the course of the next two weeks and possibly the whole story by the end of the month.

Check it out right here.

P.s. All feedback and suggestions are welcomed!


Intro to That Wonderfully Strange Girl


That Wonderfully Strange Girl  is a piece I wrote back in the day (can’t even remember when to be honest) and I based it mostly on a friend of mine from Uni days. The piece is sort of a homage to John Green‘s Looking for Alaska as it was my faaaaaavourite book at the time and this friend reminded me of Alaska in many ways and I could really relate to Pudge and how much he possible only had an idealized version of Alaska and never truly knew her entirely.


To A.I.N:

Thank you for being the inspiration for this story. I hope appreciate, no matter if you agree or not, the girl I modeled after you in this piece .

This piece is finished and I will definitely add snippets throughout the project.


Now that I’m winding down my Epiphany-related content and focus. Now I want to shift my writing closer and closer to full-length prose and I want to start with short story pieces. I don’t necessarily believe I have to do my pieces in a traditional sense, with traditional story structure. Nonetheless, Mirror will have 8 short pieces and each will have their own page and include content for each story. I hope to publish this book by the end of the year, but right now I just want to enjoy the process of getting there.

Mirror will not only be a book on self-reflection but also a look at people who’ve shaped the me into the person I see today.

My hopes for the book is to have each story illustrated by different graphic artists/illustrators to add to the uniqueness of each story and possibly physical copies world wide.

Keep up to date with the pages under the Writing Projects.

I hope you guys enjoy the posts and I’ll love some feedback!